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Simple Tips To Wash Your Rental Car At Home

Travelling in the UAE have become quick and cost-effective due to the economical car rental services available in the country. Whether you are looking for a car rental Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road or any other region, your rent a car is just a few steps away. You may need a car to go on a road trip or to commute to your office. With frequent use of the vehicle, it may get dusty and require cleaning more often. However, going for a professional car wash service always is not a feasible option. If you know the right way to clean the rental car at home, you will be able to make it hygienic as per your wish and also save on the professional car wash. Here are some simple but professional car washing tips to follow:

Always Go for a Pre-rinse

Dust particles may settle down on the entire car surface if you have not washed it for a while. Direct application of soap and rubbing with a sponge will not clean it properly and further get the dust deep into the polishing coat of the vehicle. Just give the car a simple rinse with water to let all the larger dust particles flow away.

Use A Car Wash Soap

The products used on the vehicle will mainly influence its look and shine. You might find some online sources and hacks claiming dishwashing liquid to be an effective cleaner for cars. But this is false because dishwashing solutions contain chemical components meant for removing the greasy and oily substance from the dishes. These chemicals can cause severe damage to the shiny oils present in the car’s paint and make it dull over a while.

Micro-Fiber Products

Usually, people use a sponge for washing their cars as they are soft and will not cause any scratches on the surface. Sponges tend to absorb the lather, dirt and grits from the car’s exterior, of which grits are difficult to remove from it. Reusing a sponge that contains grit and dirt will make your cleaning process less efficient. Premium micro-fiber car wash mitts available in the market are an effective tool to easily remove and dispose of dirt from the car’s surface. The smooth micro-fibers will be gentle on the car’s paint, and it will also be easy to rinse any captured dust. After the wash, you can use a fine-quality micro-fiber towel in place of a chamois, as it will dry up the vehicle while also removing any grits remaining over it.