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Tips for An Everyday Stress-Free Drive

Road commuting is what most of us do on a daily basis, either for work or sightseeing if you are on a vacation. As a matter of fact, individuals spend a tremendous amount of time on road. To make the regular commuting with your rental car easy, simpler and more trouble-free, we recommend giving these hacks a try.

Use Regular Items

Enhance your driving experience with hacks that will not just guarantee a comfortable drive, but will also improve efficiency. Take a rubber band as an example. Now this can be slipped through the vents of your AC to make a perfect mobile holder. It offers a hands-free and improved visibility both to the road and map direction on the phone.

Mark Your Location

Make sure you have marked the exact location of where you’ve parked your car, as it prevents the time wasted in looking for your car. The trouble doubles in situations where you park in an unknown location. Simply drop a pin on Google indicating the location of your parked vehicle to avoid any hassles and to be able to find your car in a jiffy.

Blind Spots in Your Car Mirror

The rear side view mirror allows you to see the traffic behind your car. If they are positioned at an appropriate angle such that no part of your car can be visible in the reflection, then they are set correctly. In your wind mirrors the car's apparent flank produces a blind spot that can lead to risky circumstances.

Use Door Mats to Slide Out of Sand

In a place like Dubai which is filled with sandy dunes, it is very easy for your car to get stuck in the sand. Sure, if you have people around with a towing belt, you can always ask for assistance. But what do you do in a situation where no one is around? You use the mats in your car! They work as a safe surface for the tyres to grip on and effortlessly slide out of the sand.

Don’t Change Lanes

The thought that you can easily escape by changing lanes in traffic is unfortunately a myth that many drivers tend to believe. The fact is that not only does it slow you down, but it also poses a significant risk of involving you in an accident. It is best to stick to your lane and slowly allow the flow to ease out.

Final Thoughts

Driving is a great endeavor that generates constant excitement. It is best to take advantage of a cheap car rental to make it secure and convenient for you and to enjoy the delights with every drive. Further, it offers plenty of luxury and comfort and makes your road trips even more enjoyable.