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Top Places for Dubai Summer Road Trips

One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the world is Dubai, which hosts 5 to 15 million visitors annually. This popularity is a consequence of its picturesque locations and beautiful spots for sightseeing. Tourists and travelers often prefer leasing a car instead of relying on taxis or other methods of travel. As a result, many fantastic cheap car rental Dubai monthly have been established to meet this demand. The prevalent practice of monthly car rental Dubai is a result of this trend, which also encourages locals to rent a car for their daily needs.

Renting a car in Dubai is simple and allows you to travel to all these fantastic places. Here are several locations you absolutely must visit, regardless of whether you are a tourist, a traveler visiting Dubai for another reason, or even a local. Use this list to go around the wonderful city of Dubai and experience the best the city of gold has to offer.

Dubai Creek Harbour

This waterfront area, located between the Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary and the Festival City, has quickly become one of the most impressive in Dubai. The stunning Dubai Skyline and the Burj Khalifa can be seen from the Promenade. This area is filled with fantastic shopping opportunities where you can buy and try a wide range of items.

Jumeirah Beach Residences

JBR is a lovely residential area near Palm Jumeirah and the renowned Bluewaters Island. It is well-known for its long beach and the gorgeous Jumeirah Beach Walk. Despite being a residential area, it is close to various shops and hotels. For your car, whether it's a rental or not, there is free parking nearby. It is also accessible via a nearby metro station.

Soho Garden Dubai

This Dubai venue, inspired by London's Soho, is a must-see for its vibrant nightlife, dining, and shopping. It is a short walk from Dubai's downtown. This location has various eateries, bars, nightclubs, and a pool. Visit this venue for an unforgettable night in Dubai.

Dubai City Walk

It is one more prominent residential neighborhood in Dubai, known for its shopping centers and other amenities. This location is near Al Wasl Road. It is within walking distance of several widely known malls, including the Dubai Mall. It is densely populated with restaurants and bars. All visitors are entitled to free parking for their vehicles. The ground, frequently used to celebrate festive holidays, is one of the most impressive areas in this location. So, for the greatest holiday season experience, make your way to Dubai City Walk.

Dubai Mall

It is the largest retail centre in the world and is a well-known landmark for tourists and locals. This little metropolis' interiors go beyond just stores; they also include playgrounds, aquariums, fountains, offices, five-star hotels, and one of the most magnificent works of art adjacent to it- the Burj Khalifa.