Unnecessary Charges You Can Avoid When Renting a Car

If you’re not quite familiar with car rental costs in Dubai, you may have to pay more than necessary to rent a car. There are some hidden costs associated with each car rentals you can avoid. If you’re looking to rent a car in Dubai, here are certain hidden costs a car rental company can charge you and how to avoid them.

Unnecessary charges you can avoid when renting a car

Damage charge

Although you’re renting the car for a short trip and the car is supposed to have an insurance protection, it doesn’t stop some insurance companies from charging you for damages if there’s any physical damage to the car. This is why it’s important to carefully check the car before taking off. If possible, take pictures and report to the rental services if there’s any scratch on the car’s body. It will also help you to have prior knowledge of their damage charges to be very careful when using the car. At least, that will help you avoid paying unnecessary expenses for damages you would have prevented.

Extra charges for additional days

Car rental companies in Dubai usually charge an extra amount of money if you return their car at a later time other than what was initially agreed.  Even if you spend an hour more than the 24 hours given, they are going to charge for that extra hour. To avoid this extra charge, make sure you plan your day well and how you’re going to make use of the car. This will help you return the car on time and save cost.

Insurance charges

Some car rental companies include insurance charges to the overall cost of their rentals.  Some of these charges are overly inflated and may not be particularly known to you when you’re renting the car. To avoid these charges, you can decide to take up a temporary car insurance to cover for the short time you’re going to need the car. There are several insurance companies that offer this service. They are usually cheaper compared to having the rental company to include these costs in your package.

Extra charges for senior drivers or young drivers

Some car rental companies charge an extra amount when they find out the driver of the car is an aged person or a younger person. This is because they feel the risks of these sets of people are higher. You have to read the car rental policy and TOC carefully to find out what their charges are concerning specific types of drivers. This way, you will be able to decide who drives the car (in case you are on a family trip).

Upgrade charges

After calling and negotiating with a car rental service, some of them may offer you an upgraded car compared to the one you have budgeted for. This upgraded car may include certain additional features such as air condition and other interior features. You can simply turn down their offer and stick with the car you have in your budget if the initial car can serve your purpose.

The above are some of the hidden charges you can avoid when renting a car in Dubai. It’s important to carefully read the terms and conditions for the particular rental company to have an idea of their charges before hand.

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