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What Causes a Bad Smell In Your Vehicle and How to Eliminate It?

The usual wiping off dust and knocking out rugs is not enough. A common problem is a bad smell in rental cars, which does not disappear even after airing the car. This brings a lot of inconveniences not only to the driver but also to fellow travelers. Various reasons cause such a bad smell, and it can be removed from the car interior by following the tips mentioned below in the article. But first, let's find out the nature of its occurrence.

Main Causes

To figure out why the car interior smells, you will have to examine it carefully and understand how to remove the smell from the car. There are technical and everyday reasons that provoke an unpleasant smell in the car, among which some are as follows:

  • If the car smells of gasoline, then this is a signal to check the fuel system.
  • A sweetish taste indicates leakage of antifreeze. If you add coolant, the smell in the car will disappear.
  • Mustiness and dampness indicate clogging of the air duct or air conditioner. Replacing the device or antibacterial treatment will correct the situation.
  • The singed odor encourages the driver to shift gears more carefully. The clutch is squeezed hard, and this stinks in the car.
  • The smell of gas in a car running on gas equipment appears if errors were made during installation or poor-quality components were used.
  • The aroma of burnt oil is pungent and recognizable and appears when oil drops hit the engine when topping up. If you do not wipe, you will have to endure an unpleasant smell in the car for a couple more days.
  • The car may smell bad for other reasons provoked by passengers. When smoking, tobacco smoke is absorbed into the upholstery and plastic elements; even airing does not help to get rid of it, and the odor lasts for a long time.
  • Crumbs or leftover food in bags that are used as a snack spoil and emit a stench. 
  • Animals also leave an unpleasant odor behind them. 

Tips to Remove

There are several ways to eliminate the smell in the car interior using various products and treatments. It includes:

  • shampoos
  • wipes
  • air fresheners
  • aerosols
  • steam treatment
  • ozonation
  • the use of substances that can be found in everyone's house - ammonia, activated carbon, baking soda, vinegar, and coffee.

These products are highly reliable and assure to remove different odors from the vehicle so that you can have a pleasant and enjoyable trip. 

When you plan for a long-term car rental, the first thing is to ensure that it is clean, sanitized, and does not have any bad smell. Speedy Drive strives to provide cleaned, well-maintained, and serviced vehicles in order to provide the best experience to customers.