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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Opting for Car Hire Excess Insurance

In simple terms, this is an insurance option that protects you from excess charges in case of an untoward incident. To cite an example in the case of rental cars, if the vehicle you have rented gets stolen or damaged, in the absence of such an insurance cover, you will be liable for expenses incurred by the rental agency till your vehicle is repaired or replaced.

Consideration 1 – The Excess Insurance Premium that you will have to pay

An aspect not in favor of car hire excess insurance is the additional premium that you will have to pay. After all, this would be over and above standard insurance cover which you would be liable to pay anyway.

Consideration 2 – The Possibility of an Untoward Incident

No one can predict the occurrence of an untoward incident. Often, it may not be your fault at all in the first place. Imagine yourself driving carefully on the highway when a reckless driver hits your vehicle from behind. Such incidents can and do happen – and this kind of an insurance keeps you definitively protected from such unforeseen happenstances.

Consideration 3 – The Mental Comfort you will have

Majority of car renters do not experience any untoward incident and everything goes smooth. Yet, the possibility of something going wrong, even when least expected, is always there. Do you want to live with unnecessary tension, or you would much rather be stress-free? Car hire excess insurance will help you with the latter.

Consideration 4 – A Memorable Trip with your Friends or Family Members

An untoward incident can prove to be a major dent in the overall experience you were hoping to have on a car rental trip with your friends or family members. Car hire excess insurance will not only save you from additional expenses that you will be liable to pay in case of an unfortunate incident, it will also expedite a solution say in the form of an alternative vehicle that is handed out to you immediately after an irksome occurrence.

Consideration 5 – Reasonable Charges for Car Hire Excess Insurance

Our first consideration was that you will have to incur additional insurance expenses if you opt for car hire excess insurance. The good news is that these charges are actually not a lot and vary significantly, depending on factors such as the age of the driver as well as where you are driving to.


Weighing the pros and cons, it clearly makes sense to opt for car hire excess insurance. At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we are fully transparent about the process and give you full leeway to opt in or out of such an insurance option.