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Six of the Finest Driving Schools in Dubai

Cars are embedded into the very ethos of Dubai; there’s practically no car make and model of repute that cannot be found in Dubai. Naturally, the demand to learn how to drive such a wide supply of cars in Dubai is just as high – and that is where driving schools serve a critical role in the city.

Today, Dubai is known to have an enormous number of driving schools that take leaners through the ropes fairly quickly. Within a short span of time, they are well versed with the nuances of driving, including all its rules. Along the way, they are especially guided on unique aspects specific to Dubai, be it the traffic here, the guidelines on parking, what to do in case of an emergency, etc.

Against this backdrop, it certainly becomes a tough choice shortlisting a suitable driving school in Dubai. That is the reason we have done our own research and shortlisted 6 of what we think are some of the finest driving schools in Dubai. In no particular order, those 6 reputable driving schools in Dubai are:

  • Al Ahli Driving Center
  • Al Amani Driving Institute
  • Dubai Driving Center
  • Belhasa Driving Center
  • Al Waey Motor Driving Institute
  • Deira Motor Driving School

Our reckoning is that no matter which of these driving schools you choose, you are likely to be imparted with excellent driving lessons. Moreover, these driving schools are reasonably affordable whereby you won’t end up spending too much on learning how to drive.

Assistance with Obtaining a Driving License

A big advantage in learning how to drive with driving schools like the ones listed above is that they help with obtaining a driving license as well. So you will start off with a learner’s license and then as you pass official driving tests, you will have your full-fledged driving license.

Boon for Expats

Dubai is a melting pot of expats; in fact they outnumber locals significantly! Many are not skilled drivers when they first land on the shores of Dubai. Even in instances where they do have a fair idea of driving, they need to pass some tests and be sure of their driving ability and overall prowess in Dubai, given the conditions here which may be quite different to the ones back home.


 Novice or less experienced drivers can always take advantage of high-quality driving schools in Dubai. At Speedy Drive, we encourage you to be sure of your driving skills and only then drive on the streets of Dubai