Top Destinations to Travel by Road In UAE


Many people come to tour the beautiful city of Dubai to spend their vacations or do shopping. If it is your first time in the UAE, Speedy Drives guides you to explore the beautiful destination you can reach by road. The voyage will be as stunning as the vacation spot, and occasionally even better.

1. Fujairah

The distance of this amazing place from Dubai is around184 km. It is famous for scuba diving in the UAE and considered as one of the biggest emirates which have a great coastline. The drive goes through lofty mountains and many beautiful cities that are dotted with hill ranges. The highways are ultra-smooth, and you can easily find luxurious as well as affordable hotels and restaurants. You can visit the most famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque, iconic and historic Fujairah Fort, and lavish yet beautiful Al-Hayl Castle.

2. Khasab

The traveling distance is around198.1 km from Dubai. A day, a winding yet soft street dotted with quaint bays and fjords for camping, what else would you need to spend a great vacation? Ideally located, Khasab is a lovely city that is nicknamed the 'Norway of the Middle East', because of multiple fjords. One suggestion though, whether a citizen of UAE or not, it will always be good to cross-check whether you're allowed to drive the automobile in Oman. You can visit famous Khasab Castle and Fort, and amazing Oman Fjords.

3. Liwa

You have to drive for 292 km from Dubai to reach this place. Mount on the SUV, play your favorite melody and check out what it looks like an endless stretch out of the street, making its way by way of a great dessert, aptly known as "The Empty Quarter". Stay for a night in a private hotel, Tilal Liwa, relaxing right at the border of the desert. You can also visit Sheikh Hamad Auto Museum, Liwa Forts, and Qasr Al Sarab.

4. Dibba

You have to travel 130 km from Dubai. Road trips give a great bonding opportunity and an essential rest from the frantic city life. Not forgetting, the laid-back tempo and breathtaking views are additional benefits of traveling. When you intend your visit to the popular holiday, Dibba, the rewards are even higher. After all, you do not drive every day by soaring mountains at one side and a sea streaming on other. To ensure you are keeping your passport though, for Oman is demanding, with no passport, no accessibility. You can visit Dadna Beach known for its majestic beauty.

5. Ras Al Khaimah

The distance is around 112.8 km from Dubai. For the ambitious souls driving a car and getting Ras al Khaimah is worthwhile, because Ras Al Khaimah is a superb mini-break vacation spot, with a variety of things to do such as paragliding, water sports, golf, horse riding, etc. The emirate is also packed with fantastic five-star hotels and beach resorts. You can visit National Museum, Iceland Water Park, and Khatts Springs.

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