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Intensify Driving with These Five Applications

If you are new to Dubai, there are various driving constraints that you may face on the roads of Dubai. We believe you should have a positive experience on the streets of the city with your rental car. To prevent any confusion and ensure your complete convenience, here we have put together five outstanding mobile applications that will drive away the woes of driving with your car rental in Dubai. Once you’ve found the ideal car to rent, make sure you download these applications. They are available on both Apple and Android play store.


Renowned for its pure brilliance, Google is a widely used application amongst various users across the globe. Recently, it had a few updates on some of its utility features. One of them is a feature that automatically stores the location of where your car was parked last. Google Maps, on the other hand, follows a basic concept where your GPS and phone sensor are used, further allowing it to offer you a suitable mode of connectivity.

Roads and Transport Authority

This application is fully equipped with features that are highly useful for both residents and tourists in Dubai. It conveniently clubs together features that are most applicable to drivers. It ranges from traffic-fine inquiry to providing information on how you can add a parking ticket through your phone. The application has seen significant changes in terms of the user interface. Additionally, it provides a convenient online chat option to get in touch with their service agents. The app makes driving easy and convenient.

Find My Car – Parking Assistant

Are you also one of those who always forget where they’ve parked their car? Well, now you no longer have to worry about it, as Find My Car is here to save the day. It’s simple to use and offers the utmost convenience. You can either tag the position of your car or take a picture of the location. There are several other useful features on the app ideal for those who often end up forgetting their car parking spot, or park in an unfriendly parking lot.


With similarity to Google Maps, Waze is equipped with cooler features. Due to active and regular users in Dubai, drivers are informed in advance about any upcoming traffic, accidents, or any other issue that they should be aware of when driving. Through this app, you benefit from savings on fuel, time, and the probability of being stuck in a highly congested road. The app has dramatically improvised in terms of providing precise data, especially in the capital city and in Dubai. As it relies on information provided by users, it is advisable not to put a halt to your contributions to the app. Also, it has a feature that warns you about over speeding.

Trip Advisor

We know most of you have heard of this application, and it’s about time you get the app installed on your phone. While some choose to download it either before their vacation or during one, it is advisable not to uninstall it. This is especially when you are in Dubai, as it offers a plethora of activities and places you can visit with your rental car. These locations are updated with accurate Google Maps, ensuring you don’t lose your way.