The best way to make a profit by renting a car for a month

If you are a frequent visitor to Dubai or a local resident, then you clearly understand the hassle of public transport in the heat of Dubai. Also, travelling from one place to the other in the expansive city of Dubai can be a really tiresome task. Thus people opt for renting a car. Renting a car has various benefits and these benefits are amplified if cars are hired for longer durations, even more so in case of a business that hires cars on rent for business use.

Benefits of Renting a Car for a Month Include:

  • Freedom: Renting a car for a day or on hourly basis, puts you in constraints of time as you will have to return the car within the specified time frame. The company can continue using the vehicle for as long as necessary. For instance the car might be being used for transporting a business guest from one place to another. If the business guest is on a trip, for business or leisure and the car is on monthly rental you will not have to worry about returning the car at the earliest and the guest can be entertained for as long as necessary.
  • Reliability: You will hire a car only if you are satisfied of its reliability, in terms of performance and comfort, and on time availability. The person driving the car will feel more relaxed driving the same car every day and would be able to give you or your guest the best driving experience. Also the driver will be aware of all the issues that are there in the car if any due to driving it for long periods of time. Thus he would advise you to replace the car or maybe get simple repairs from the rental company. This will save you from any sort of embarrassment in front of your clients or guests. And also, you can be sure that you will never be late for any meeting or appointment because your car broke down.
  • Variety: You can have a variety of cars at monthly rentals, all for different purposes, all of them available at your disposal, anytime you need. Whether you are in need of an SUV for taking your company guests for a tour, or need a luxury sedan for going to a special event, you will always have a car available to you as and when needed.

The most Important Aspect however of renting a car is the financial aspect, the gain that can be procured out of renting a car for a month. You can actually maximize profits by renting a car for a month.

How to Maximize Profits by Renting a Car for a Month? Consider a few points:

  • No Acquisition Cost: You don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of Dirham for purchasing a new luxury car. Instead you can simple rent a car on a monthly basis. The cost of renting is a fraction of what it would cost to buy a luxury car. This is the first point where your company saves money and maximizes profits by avoiding a huge expense.
  • No Maintenance Costs: Once the company owns a couple of cars, it will continuously have to pay for servicing and regular maintenance. The maintenance cost could vary depending on the kind of damage might be required to be fixed if any. This important and recurring cost is fixed due to the company just renting a vehicle. The rental company will periodically come, pick up the care and return it post service.
  • Loyalty Discounts: If the company is regularly renting cars, and on a monthly basis, then the company becomes a priority customer and will start getting special discounts meant only for special customers. So not only does the company save on the acquisition and maintenance of the car, but it now also starts saving on the rent.

These are the most important ways through which a company can maximize profits by renting a car for a month.

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