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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Monthly Car Rentals

When you know you will be spending a reasonable amount of time in and around Dubai – upwards of one month, it certainly makes sense to hire a vehicle for that period. After all, chasing after public transport in the Emirates, especially given the prolonged hot weather there, is quite an ordeal.

With that backdrop, let’s look at the top 5 benefits of hiring a rental car for a month.

Lower Costs

As opposed to hiring haphazardly as and when required, when you hire consistently for a month, you lock in some really special hiring rates given by car rental agencies. Therefore, to keep rental costs in check, it would make complete sense to hire for a month – when you know you will need a vehicle consistently for that entire period.

Variety of Car Options

When hiring for a month, a great advantage is the variety of car options that you have. So for instance, if there is an occasion that demands an SUV, you could opt for it, while on others, you could very well go in for a sedan.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the biggest benefit by far that you have is a complete peace of mind; you never need to worry about how you will travel, how much time will it take to get moving, and so on. After all, with your own rental car with you at all times, you can simply take off as and when you want, with absolute and complete peace of mind.

No Acquisition or Maintenance Cost

Even for short term purposes, some folks consider buying a car outright, thinking that they will be able to make use of it in the long run as well. This is actually not a great idea since there are expensive acquisition and maintenance costs to look into. On the other hand, when you hire a vehicle for the period you need – say one month or more as per your requirement, you do not need to incur expensive acquisition or maintenance costs.

Loyalty Rewards

Besides the lower cost of hiring, car rental agencies also hand out loyalty benefits in the form of points, upgrades and many other frills when you hire long term. So this is yet another advantage that comes your way when you hire for a period such as one month or more, based on your requirement.


It makes perfect sense to hire a vehicle for a month or more when you have such a requirement, as opposed to buying a vehicle or relying on public transport. At Speedy Drive, we are fully aware of this fact and therefore, offer a wide range of vehicles that you can easily hire for a month or more.