The Hyperloop Phenomenon in UAE

Elon Musk had shared his idea of working on a future mode of transport in 2012, it would have sounded crazy to people. The American business magnet Elon Reeve Musk needs no introduction, we all know he’s the Product Architect and Owner of “Tesla Motors”. We also know what he was talking about in 2012, it was The Hyperloop Phenomenon – The Next Big Mode of Advanced Transport.

Apparently, the day is not very far when the new form of terrestrial travel would not only be an idea, a dream. Pod-like vehicles would soon be seen traveling in reality, reaching up to 700 mph or beyond in seconds. These vehicles, Musk said, would be traveling through “near-vacuum” tube tracks.

And today, we hear that the once imaginary mode of transport which Musk had named “Hyperloop,” is almost ready to launch its first ride very soon. Before going into further details about the project itself, it would be appropriate for our readers to fully understand what this Hyperloop Phenomenon exactly means.

Hyperloop Defined

As mentioned above, Hyperloop is the newest mode of transportation, designed for rapid and quick movement of both freight and people. Hyperloop would be delivering cargo or passengers loaded into the vehicle (or as they call it a pod) and would complete their journey directly from start to finish.

The electric propulsion or force would gradually accelerate the speed of vehicle to take it through the above said low-pressure tube-like passage. The magnetic levitation technique lets the pod lift itself above the track quickly and move on at the speed of an airline.

For longer journeys, the speed of the pod would be different due to “ultra-low” aerodynamic slog or drag. Further, the Hyperloop system(s) will be built on exclusively designed tunneled underground tubes or columns.

Hyperloop One is a Los Angeles-based company and according to their very recent official announcement, the first, full-scale Hyperloop system has already been completed. Named as the ‘Las Vegas DevLoop’ the test site is located in Southern Nevada region. Actual and further routes, however, are yet to be selected and finalized, reports suggest.

Dubai Hyperloop One System

As far as Dubai is concerned, the talks and plans of a proposed Hyperloop pipeline are underway already. It is hoped that soon people would be traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, using the first ever city-to-city Hyperloop pipeline; and covering a distance of 100 plus miles in just “12 minutes.”

If everything goes fine and right according to their plans, the Hyperloop creators are hopeful to make this dream come true in less than two years. And if Dubai Hyperloop One system could reduce a 1-hour-long trip to 12 minutes; Sin City – Biggest Little City and Chicago – Pittsburg trips could also be reduced to 42 and 45 minutes, respectively.

Nevada test site, as mentioned above, is now completed while the company is believed to have received over 2,500 applications from the interested companies, from across the globe. We can thus hope and state that Hyperloop System would soon be a REALITY.

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