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5 Reasons Why a Good Pair of Sunglasses are a Must While Driving

While driving, your eyes are perhaps the most vital organs at the time – unless you are able to see clearly, you will not be able to drive properly. Now, with a good pair of sunglasses, you will in turn be able to see well. Below, we list the reasons for which we always recommend having a good pair of sunglasses on you while driving, especially in the UAE.

Prolonged summer with Hot Sunny Days

The UAE has really long summers with hot and sunny days. Driving under such conditions can be torturous and a strain on the eyes if the sun’s rays come and hit them directly for long periods of time. Under such circumstances, having a good pair of sunglasses will make a world of difference towards ensuring that the impact of the sun is minimized.

UV Protection

Good sunglasses invariably come with UV protection. This is essentially protection from Ultra Violet rays which can be quite harmful to the eyes. This factor alone is a significant incentive to ensure that you have a good paid of sunglasses on you while driving. While making your purchase, make sure that the pair you have opted does in fact offer UV protection.

Better Driving

With a good pair of sunglasses, the sun’s glare will not fall directly on your eyes. Instead, your sunglasses will act as a shield to ensure that you are able to drive better. Remember that with suitable sunglasses, visibility is enhanced significantly. Therefore, always ensure that you have a suitable pair of sunglasses on you while driving which will minimize exposure to the elements, thus allowing you to drive better.

In this context, we would like to mention that today; there are anti-glare glasses which work just as well in the dark. These are especially effective in situations where the driver on the opposite side might be coming at you full throttle at high beam! 

Advanced Technology Sunglasses that Incorporate Power (of Vision)

Gone are the days when you had to choose between wearing sunglasses or regular glasses, when you have power in your vision. Today, you can easily combine the two, helping you carry just one pair of glasses that double up as photo chromatic lenses when the need arises.

Look Good!

There is of course no denying the fact that depending on the pair you have chosen, you are very likely to look good (better?!) in them!


At Speedy Drive, we especially encourage our customers to use sunglasses while driving in the UAE for reasons as mentioned above.